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10/2/2010 Thank-You for this nice email. My Grandma Erma looked so beautiful and peaceful as she laid in her temple whites in her casket. Her casket was a shiny Mauve on the outside with silver piping down the sides. It's hard to explain. There was a painted rose inside each rectangle of silver piping which ran around the whole casket. The inside was a soft baby pink that made her skin look like she was a pre-teen again. On the inside of the lid there was an exquisite embroidered pattern of two roses with green stems that bordered the saying "Mother." I wish you all could've seen how lovely this casket was. I've never seen a more beautiful casket . I haven't seen too many either. Thank goodness for that!! The speakers were great and the musical numbers were so nice. Bro. Olsen who is the President of the San Diego, CA Temple spoke and it was really inspiring. We all had a delicious luncheon provided by the Relief Society. All the kids and the parents are going to head over to the Pumpkin Patch and pick our own pumpkins for Halloween. Take Care, Kristi Kelly, Granddaughter of Erma & Winn Williamson, Daughter of Roger & Lillian Williamson


10/2/2010 Now she and Shirley Blackmer Tyler are rejoicing in heaven!  Blessings on those who are closest to her.
Love you,
Trudy Barnes

10/1/2010 Thank you for taking the time to post this notice of Erma's passing. Erma passed away on Wednesday evening, September 29, 2010 in Cedar City, UT. Her funeral will be Saturday at 12:00 Noon, October 2. Viewing will be 10:30 to 11:30 AM. Services will be at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Chapel.
320 S. 1925 W.
Cedar City, UT
She will be greatly missed by all of the Heaps family.  We loved her smile.  We loved the spirit and love we felt as we visited Erma and Winn's home during the Heaps family reunions. Our love and condolences are extended to their children and families.
With love,
Claudia Vance


7/15/2009 Hi! My name is Lola (Heaps) Johnson.  My grandfather was Albert C. Heaps, the son of Mary Ann Beck  and David Heaps, and brother of Marian, Benjamin, Thomas, David and Joseph Heaps. 

I have been trying to find the burial place of my gr. gr. grandmother Jane Greenhough, wife of David Heaps, for many years.  I've tried every way I could think of.  I tried the internet, but still no luck.  Then I came upon the Heaps Organization, which I didn't know existed.  There was an announcement of a family reunion and there were all these family pictures.  Most of them I have, but not the one of the David Heaps Family with their six sons.  It noted that these photos were available through "Restored Photos Made Perfect" in California.  So I sent for information and ordered the photo, which I have received and it is great.  In the meantime Claire asked me if I knew a Roz Heaps, but I didn't.  She also asked how I had found out about the photos and her company.  So I told her.  

I have been on the internet since and found your e-mail address, etc. and your husband's relationship.  I've enjoyed reading the stories, etc. They have brought back a lot of memories of people that I knew in my childhood. 

I am still trying to find the burial place of Jane Greenhough Heaps.  Does anyone in the family know?  I'd surely like to know. 

My best to you and your family as you continue with the Heaps Family Organization.  Sincerely,  Lola Johnson

1/16/2009 I was Googling looking for family members on the Beck side of the family.  You have a very nice web site.  My greatgrandfather  George was a brother to James Beck and Ann Dobson.  Do you have much information on the Beck side of the family?  My grandfather Isaac immigrated to Canada around 1914. Heather Henderson

1/25/2008 Since the purchase of my newest computer I am in the process of updating the family history book. If any of the first cousins would like to add their histories it would be great!! Also, family group sheets would be appreciated. Marj Maury Garritson and Wes Maury have given me pictures and histories. Included in the updated version of the histories will be the histories of the aunts and uncles not printed with the original printing.
   Thanks to all the help of the cousins, we now have a history of all the sons and daughters of Benjamin Franklin Heaps and Ann Eva Dittmore Heaps. If anyone would like to add their memories of any or all of these aunts and uncles, they would be most welcome. This time I will burn CD's in Microsoft Word. That way, everyone can purchase a copy with a small outlay of cash and then they can decide how they want the book put together and they can be responsible for printing as many copies as they wish.
I feel that your website has been a wonderful, wonderful thing! It has put a spark and interest in many ways! Thank you, thank you for all your time and effort on the website. I know we all have been blessed by it.
   I am still looking through my file boxes, but I am making great strides! I am confident I will have the project soon completed!
With love always,
Claudia Vance

12/11/2007 I was quit surprised and elated to come across the Heaps family web page. I was even more surprised to see the words I wrote for Merrie Ann years ago about my recollections of my grandmother Virgie. I had no idea the Heaps side of the Family was so organized and had succeeded in creating such an extensive site of information. Now that I’ve found the site I plan to stay in contact and hopefully make the next reunion. Richard Taylor, Grandson of Virgie, Son of Virginia Dean Jarvis

8/23/2007 Hi, I just came across your website...I see names I recognize from my Mulliner lines...I just wondered if you are aware of the Mulliner Reunion celebrating 200th birthday of Samuel Mulliner in 2009. More information available at www.samuelmulliner.com . Lori Mulliner Longenecker

8/12/2007 Hello Roz- I was doing a Google search for a guy I went to school with for a year or two, and found your family history website. I found the NAME of the person I was searching for, and was inquiring on whether it was the same person or not. The reference of his name was listed under the history of WALLACE DITTMORE HEAPS: "1981 brought on the birth of Kenneth Heaps, the marriage of their last daughter, Rachel to Mike Holmstrom in the Los Angeles Temple in August 1982 and the birth of Carson Barlow." Carson Barlow is the person I am searching for. The Carson I am searching for would probably have been born in 1982 or right about that time, and lived in Idaho Falls Idaho for a while. He attended Sandcreek Middle School, and possibly Hillcrest High School. If this is the same Carson, please let me know if you have a way for me to get in contact with him. Thanks. -Josh Hess
8/13/2007 Roz, I was able to research your family history website a little further, and found that he got married, and there was a picture on there of him and his wife. that's the Carson I'm looking for... :) I have been looking for Carson for about 7 years after he just kinda disappeared one day. apparently he had moved, but no one knew where he went. the next year, I asked a few people if they knew where he had gone, and everyone would just say "who? Carson who?" I thought I might have just been crazy or something, but I'm glad that I'm not! :) the reason why I have been looking for him for so long is because he made a HUUUUGE impact on my life... he was in seminary with me, and several other classes, and he used to say "LIFE IS GOOD!" all the time... and he always just had such a positive attitude about everything, and that really impressed me... and still does to this day. I still have a laminated postcard sized card that says "LIFE IS GOOD!" on one side, and a brief poem about how to make life good. thank you for your help. -Josh

6 Aug. 2007: Your dedication to our heapsclan website should not go unnoticed or unappreciated. If one could see the website when it first began and how it has evolved, one would understand why I am writing to you at this time. Thank you so much for all you do. Love all the photos and new histories that have been written by everyone. Marj Garritson

21 June 2007: Just a short note from Ben and Cleone Heaps--Ben is son of Lewis and Mary Heaps. We feel bad that we cannot attend the reunion. It would be wonderful to renew old acquaintances and meet those we don't yet know. We are both working too hard trying to keep our business running, and hope that we can attend the next reunion. Heaps of Love!

5 July 2006: Hi Roz, I am from the Heaps family in New Zealand and was very interested to learn there are Heaps' all over the world! There are not too many of us down here in the south and in my immediate family my brother will be the only one to carry on the Heaps' name. We originally came out here from England and would be very interested to know if your family did too. Kind regards, Shelley Heaps of New Zealand

1 July 2006: Hello! Sorry I missed the reunion! I hope it was great. My life here, though is very good, has kept me quite occupied. Just to let you know a little bit more of what is going on, one week ago today, I asked Cynthia Ruth Beus to marry me. (She said yes by the way=). ) So those plans are in the forming and we hope to be wed sometime in October. Any way, I finally had a chance to check my e-mails and I saw this little film strip. That was awesome. Is there a way that I can buy a copy of the entire DVD? I would like that a lot. Yours Truly, Carson Barlow

28 June 2006: The reunion was even nicer this year than two years ago....just perfect. You and Cliff put in so much work to make it an even bigger success. We all appreciate you both and your grand hospitality. Love, Marj

25 June 2006: Dear Rosalind, I have just finished reading your article “Getting Your Youth Involved In Family History” in the June issue of “FGS Delegate Digest”. I am the president of the Clarke/Oconee Genealogical Society in Athens, Georgia. I am always looking for interesting program ideas for our society and read with interest your comments about younger researchers and the need to be sure we research more than names and dates and places! I agree whole heartedly!
     As I read through your article, I felt like you were writing about me. I have cassette tapes of interviews of my grandparents and my daughter helped when we prepared for a reunion to be held in Driggs, ID.! I made a power Point presentation to share with those attending. We sorted through photos and annotated them. I was enjoying the correlation between what your son Kenny is doing and the presentation I have and how I really should have a website with some young people to help me put it together…… I was jolted back to the article, with what felt like lightning, upon reading the link to the website. The names Wallace and Dittmore jumped up off the page. The grandparents I had prepared the presentation on are Barbara [ Wallace] and Marlin Lewis Dittmore. The name Heaps did not come to my mind so I clicked the site. As I read through the article and began to see the photos, I was stunned as I looked at the photo “Marie and Wally 1949” and saw my grandfathers face looking at me. Needless to say the genealogy provided gave me the connection. I felt as if I was at the archives with a new find!
     Wallace Dittmore Heaps and my grandfather Marlin Lewis Dittmore are first cousins. I notice that they are nearly the same age. I do not really know if they new each other well. He mostly knew his Iverson cousins growing up in Pleasant Grove. The photos included are: Marlin Lewis Dittmore about 1929. This is the photo that I thought reminded me of Wallace Heaps. The second is Lewis Henry Dittmore his wife Eda Loryntha Iverson Dittmore and Marlin Lewis taken 1909 or early 1910.
     Thank you for the informative article and the successful use of family research experiences to intrigue your readers. It worked! I will share your article and this new research connection with our society at our next July meeting. I never would have imagined that I would find a cousin by reading FGS Delegate Digest or any other article in a national genealogical publication for that matter. This has definitely reconfirmed for me that the world is much smaller than we think.
     Warmest Regards,
Nona Knecht Thornton, COGS President -
Watkinsville, Georgia

25 June 2006: Ladies, I just wanted to send off a quick note this morning to thank you two for all your hard work. Everything went smoothly and even Mother Nature cooperated by bringing in a little cloud cover to keep the temp down. I was a little surprised that more people didn't show up, so I'm planning to send off notes to my own family in Utah chastising them for not making the effort.
     Roz, we certainly appreciated being able to gather at your home. It was a treat! Your backyard is great for the kids to play and has enough patio cover for us oldsters to stay out of the sun. However, I was thoroughly shocked at how old your kids have gotten! When did they all grow up? Shocking!!!
     Again, thanks ladies for all you did! Oh...and Roz...the website is terrific. I'll take a little more time soon to see what's missing from the Mary Heaps end and try to get a story or two out of mom. See you next year.
Rhonda Cowan

1 April 2006 Letter
To Karlyn Heaps Mahnken,
2006 Heaps Reunion President:
Dear Karlyn,
     Thank you so much for the information about the Heaps Family reunion. We would really like to be there, but because of our age, seldom travel very far or very often. Maybe some of our California children will make it, but none that we know of right now.
     Enclosed is an update on our family. It is not 100% complete, but I am working to get it up to date. I am a computer illiterate, so am not skilled enough to make a nice printout like you did. Hopefully you will be able to follow what I have written and to make sense of it all.
     Good luck with the reunion. We would like to get a report of how it all went when you are all together. Much love to the family and our regrets for the forces of life that do not permit our attendance. I am not on the internet, so do not have an e-mail address.
     Best wishes in all of your endeavors concerning the family. We are so happy we were blessed with the ancestors who loved God and his son Jesus Christ, and that knowledge has filtered down through each generation since their coming to this choice land. The church is still true and we know that with every fiber of our being.
     Much love from the Tyler’s,
Shirley & Lloyd Tyler
     PS. We have 8 children, 24 grandchildren, 25 great grandchildren and 2 more coming this year.

2 November 2005: Hi Rosalind, I am not sure you remember me, but I met you down in Provo when Karlyn was there. You were kind enough to take me to dinner with Karlyn and some of her roommates (I think they were her roommates)  Great web site.
   Anyway, I have been bitten by the family history bug and came across this site.  I am not a very good geneologist, but am learning.  I was wondering if you could send me any information that might be helpful. I would be happy to pay for any postage or photo copying costs.  I am of course assuming you have stuff available to share.  If not I completely understand.
   Also,  I noticed you did not have much about my Grandpa (Lewis) on your site.  If you would like me or someone in my family to send something to post I would love to do that.
     I saw Russ when he stopped by to visit my folks on his way through to Washington earlier in the year. It was good to see him. Please tell him and Karlyn hello.  Thanks again for any help you may be able to offer. My wife (Julianne) and I have two children - Laurel and John (another on due in February) and are living up here in
Roseville - just outside of Sacramento.
Brad Heaps

30 June 2004: Hi Roz, Just wanted to thank you again for providing your lovely home for our Heaps reunion. It was a very nice event. Wish we could have stayed longer to visit but had puppies at home that needed attention. You are really quick girl, with new officers posted and "that yummy peanut butter brownie recipe" already on the website. Our love, Marj and Dale Garritson  www.engtoy.com

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