First Generation

Children of
Benjamin Franklin & Ann Eva Dittmore Heaps

Thanksgiving 1939
Avard, Lewis, Wally, Ben (father)
Albert (Toady)

Thanksgiving 1939
Avard, Lewis, Wally, Ben, Albert

Lewis, Avard, Wally, Albert
Pocatello, Idaho
27 April 1941

Lewis, Wally, Albert, Avard
Eva, Helen, Rachel, Mary, Virginia
Taken in front of Pocatello High School
27 April 1941

Mary, Rachel, Eva, Virginia, Helen
Pocatello, Idaho
27 April 1941

Eva, Virgie, Mary, Rachel, Helen
Montebello, California
April, 1955,

Vaughton (Albert), Marie (Wally),
Mary (Lewis), Mary, Helen, Eva, & Virgie

Albert, Lewis, Avard and Wally

Virginia, Mary, Helen, Eva, Avard, Wally
Picture taken in 1965 following the funeral of
Albert Delroy Heaps

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Leona Heaps        
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Eva Luella Heaps    
Henry Franklin Heaps
Helen Marjorie Heaps
Rachel Heaps          
Virginia Heaps        
Wallace D. Heaps    
Paul Avard Heaps    
Lewis Delbert Heaps
Albert Delroy Heaps  

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