Albert Delroy Heaps

Memories of Al,
a wonderful step-father

as told by

Carol Johnson Lofquist


Camille Johnson Meadows

Albert was born the 4 February 1916 in Granite, Salt Lake County, Utah as the last of the large family. His six older sisters and three older brothers all thought he looked like a little frog and therefore affectionately called him Toady, a nickname that stuck with him for the rest of his life. Other friends and family called him Al.

Toady had polio as a child but didnít let that keep him down. Overcoming this disease, he served as a fire fighter in the Pocatello Fire Department during his years being married to Mazie Pelton. Their only daughter, Leslie, was born in 1940 and later, their marriage ended in divorce.

Al was still with the Pocatello Fire Department when he married Mrs. Vaughton Smith Johnson, a single parent with two young girls, Carol, 15 and Camille, 10 in February 1952. By then his daughter Leslie had just turned 11 years old two months before and fit right in with the new family. Following his service with the fire department, Al worked a variety of jobs, one of them was in the parts department of a car dealer in Pocatello and, at one time, he sold Snap-on Tools out of a big Snap-on Tool truck. Eventually he worked for the Idaho State University in Pocatello in the Recreation Department and ran the bowling alley on campus. 

His stepdaughters, Carol and Camille, say Al was a wonderful person, but unfortunately, his health was poor. He had diabetes as a young man and ultimately, he developed Lou Gehrig's disease (Lateral Sclerosis). Living in Pocatello, Idaho at the time, a heart attack took him at the early age of 49, the first of September 1965.


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