Last Update:
April 2010

Benjamin F. Heaps


This web site is designed for the descendants of

Benjamin Franklin Heaps
Ann Eva Dittmore


Since this web site began in 2004, we have added pages for the Heaps Family Reunion, past reunions and family histories. This is a growing, living web site and as more family histories are written and other family events take place, they will be added to the site. Many photos and histories have been contributed by different family members as they go through the old boxes and albums they inherited from their parents years ago. As each of these discoveries are found and contributed, they will be added to the site to truly make it a family effort. The only way to see the changes and additions is to check back often. We hope you enjoy your visit with us.

Over the years of Heaps Family Reunions, Claudia Lee Vance has served as our family historian. In doing so, she has put together a collection of family histories with photos that she has made available for anyone who wishes to purchase a copy at cost. It is because of her efforts and diligence that we have so many of the memories preserved. She has worked hard on this project for several years, asking descendants of each of the children of Benjamin Franklin and Ann Eva Dittmore to write their parentís history. The histories that have been completed may be found on the links attached to their names listed on the First Generation page. As you will see, not all the histories have been written. This is still a work in progress. For anyone wishing to purchase a copy of the compilation of Heaps Family Histories should contact Claudia Vance.

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