Leona Heaps Murdock

History of Leona Heaps Murdock
Written by Eva Luella Heaps Freeman, sister

Leona Heaps was the first child of Benjamin Franklin Heaps and Ann Eva Dittmore Heaps. She was born 22 November 1899 in Pleasant Grove, Utah County, Utah.

Leona was blessed in Pleasant Grove, Utah by Brother James Cobbley. she was baptized 1 June 1907 by Brother Lowe, and confirmed by Bishop Alva Butler.

Leona attended school in Salt Lake City, Butlerville, and Granite, Utah. She went to High School at Jordon High School and graduated 25 May 1917.

She worked as a stenographer, before her marriage, for Senator Reed Smoot. His daughter Dune Smoot was also in the same classes at school and was Leona’s friend.

Leona had light brown hair and very blue eyes, and was considered a very beautiful girl. She was about 5 ft. 6 inches tall. She was always quiet and reserved and was a good student.

She learned to play the organ by correspondence lessons. She was the Sunday School organist, also the Sunday School Secretary.

Leona married Frank Hezekiah Murdock 30 April 1921. she was endowed 1 March 1922. On 11 April 1922 she died of blood poisoning and the flu, ten days after the birth of her only child, a daughter, Leona Mary. Her grave is in Ogden Cemetery in the Murdock lot beside her husband Frank Hezekiah Murdock.

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