Eva's Memories

My Mother & Father
as written by Eva Luella, daughter

ĒMy parents were married in the Salt Lake Temple 8 February 1899. My mother was a school teacher prior to her marriage. My father was a farmer, mail-carrier, gardener, and a teamster. He hauled ore from the mines in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah to the smelters in Murray, Utah and on the return trip took supplies back to the mines.

We children had a very happy childhood on the farm, and truly enjoyed the beauties of nature. We also learned how to work, such as helping in the house, also weeding the gardens, picking fruit and vegetables, and helping herd and milk the cows.

Mother and Father were good managers - so we were taught to be thrifty and industrious.

I attended school four years in Butlerville, Utah and graduated from the 8th grade at Granite, Utah. Our home in Granite was near to the mountains and out property line included some of the hills where some of the granite blocks for the Salt Lake Temple was chiseled. We often found small sea shells up on the hills, which showed how large the Great Salt Lake had been many years ago.

Sego-lilies grew all around on our hills and we had great fun digging the bulbs to eat. They were very sweet and crisp. We didnít have to dig them for our food as the early pioneers had, but I have often thought of the delicious flavor.

Some of the memories of my Mother are her beautiful long, black hair; her kind gentle ways; her ability to teach us; the graceful way she walked, with her head so erect; her wonderful cooking, sewing and canning; her patience, wisdom and devotion to her family.

I remember how handsome my father was during his younger years. He had a beautiful tenor voice and sang in the ward choir. I remember how much he loved and enjoyed his family.

I remember the many vacation trips we shared as a family, fishing and camping in the canyons.

When I was about sixteen, we moved to Twin Falls, Idaho, to a large farm. That was my first trip on a train.

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