David Heaps

David Heaps

David was born 19 Aug 1847 in Presten, Lancaster, England to David Heaps and Jane Greenhough.
On 21 May 1864, at the age of 17, he left Liverpool England on the ship, General McClellan and arrived in New York at Castle Gardens on 23 June 1864. From New York, the company of close to 800 Saints traveled to Wyoming, Nebraska.
1 He departed Nebraska on 21 July 1864 with the William S. Warren Company of about 65 wagons and 329 Saints, arriving in the Salt Lake Valley on 4 October 1864. 2
Married Mary Ann Beck on 11 Jan 1870 in the Endowment House, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Died 26 Nov 1929, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA


1. IMMIGRATION: Mormon Immigration Index.
"Ship: General McClellan
 Date of Departure: 21 May 1864 Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
 LDS Immigrants: 802 Church Leader: Thomas E. Jeremy
 Date of Arrival: 23 Jun 1864 Port of Arrival: New York, New York
 Source(s): BMR, Book #1048, pp. 120-153,159-160 (FHL #025,691); Customs #586 (FHL #175,598)
 Notes: "DEPARTURE. -- We had the pleasure of clearing the ship General M'Clellan (Captain Trask) for the port of New York, on Saturday, the 21st ultimo. This ship was chartered to sail on the 20th ultimo, but, owing to the rain which set in, the upper deck could not be used for the purpose of examination of passengers, who had, consequently, to undergo inspection between decks.  This put them to some inconvenience and discomfort, but, not withstanding this, we did not hear one unkind word or one ill natured remark from the Saints during the proceedings, which occupied some little time.  In consequence of unavoidable delays, the vessel could not be cleared until next day (21st).  On the morning of the 21st President Cannon , with a number of elders, proceeded on board the vessel for the purpose of organizing the company. Appropriate instructions were given to the Saints, and Elder Thomas E. Jeremy was appointed to preside over the company, with Elders Joseph Bull and George G. Bywater to assist him as counsellors.  Elder John C. Graham was chosen clerk of the company. The ship was divided off into wards, over each of which an elder was placed to preside.  On the evening of the 21st the vessel proceeded to sea, laden with her freight of precious souls, and accompanied by the best wishes and prayers of all true Saints. She had 802 souls on board, nearly all of whom have paid their fares through to Wyoming [Nebraska].  Four elders who had come from Zion on missions, sailed in this vessel.  Their names are, Thomas E. Jeremy, Joseph Bull, George G. Bywater and M. F. Farnsworth. . . ."
<MS, 26:23 (June 4, 1864), p.364>
"Sat. 21. [May 1864] -- The ship General M'Clellan sailed from Liverpool, England, with 802 Saints, under the direction of Thomas E. Jeremy, Joseph Bull and George G. Bywater. It arrived at New York June 23rd, and the company arrived at Wyoming [Nebraska] July 3rd."
<CC, p.71>."

2. MIGRATION: LDS Church, Church History Library, Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel, 18471868 (http://lds.org/churchhistory/library/pioneercompanysearch).
"William S. Warren Company (1864)
Departure: 21 July 1864, Arrival in Salt Lake Valley: 4 October 1864, Company Information: About 329 individuals and about 65 wagons were in the company when it began its journey from the outfitting post at Wyoming, Nebraska (the west bank of the Missouri River about 40 miles south of Omaha) 
Heaps, David  
Birth Date: 19 Aug. 1847
Death Date: 26 Nov. 1929
Gender: Male, Age: 17."


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