Thomas Beck Family

Immigration & Migration of
The Thomas Beck Family

Ship: Juventa

      Date of Departure: 31 Mar 1855
      Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
      LDS Immigrants: 573
      Church Leader: William Glover
      Date of Arrival: 5 May 1855
      Port of Arrival: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Passengers with Beck Surname:
BECK, Thomas, b. 1801, Age: 54, Origin: Hotline, Occ: Labourer,
Note: BMR, p. 146
BECK, Betsy, b. 1817, Age: 38, Origin: Hotine, Occ: Wife
BECK, James, b.1832, Age: 23, Origin: Hotine, Occ: Bookkeeper
BECK, George, b.1838, Age: 17, Origin: Hotine, Occ: Labourer
BECK, Benjamin, b.1841, Age: 14, Origin: Hotine
BECK, Jane, b. 1845, Age: 10, Origin: Hotine
BECK, Mary, b. 1847, Age: 8, Origin: Hotine
BECK, Elizabeth, b. 1849, Age: 6, Origin: Hotine
BECK, Robert, b. 1851, Age: 4, Origin: Hotline
BECK, Margaret, b. 1853, Age: 2, Origin: Hotine

       BMR, Book #1040, pp. 129-151 (FHL #025,690)
       Customs (FHL #419,652)

The Thomas Beck Family arrived by ship on 5 May 1855 into Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are not listed in the Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel following their arrival. The only company of LDS migration groups that includes the Beck (but not members of our family) surname is the Jacob F. Secrist/Noah T. Guymon Company:

    Departure: 13 June 1855
    Arrival in Salt Lake Valley: 7 September 1855
    Company Information: 368 individuals and 58 wagons were in the company when it began its journey from the outfitting post at Mormon Grove, Kansas (Near Atchison). Jacob F. Secrist died on July 2 and Noah T. Guymon became captain of the company.


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