Thomas Smuin Family

Immigration & Migration of
The Thomas Smuin Family

Ship: Colorado

      Date of Departure: 14 Jul 1868
      Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
      LDS Immigrants: 600
      Church Leader: William B. Preston
      Date of Arrival: 28 Jul 1868
      Port of Arrival: New York, New York

Passengers with Smuin Surname:

SMUIN, Sarah, b. 1817, Age: 51
SMUIN, Thomas, b. 1817, Age: 51, Origin: England, Occ: Labourer,
Note:BMR, p.31

       BMR, Book #1049, various pages
       BMR, Book #1041, pp.21-44 (FHL #025,692)
       Customs #798 (FHL #175,655)

Wagon Company: Daniel D. McArthur Company

    Departure: 14 August 1868
    Arrival in Salt Lake Valley: 2 September 1868
    Company Information: 411 individuals and 51 wagons were in the company when it began its journey from the outfitting post at Benton, Wyoming.

    Smuin, Thomas
    Birth Date: 6 Dec. 1816
    Death Date: 26 Oct. 1889
    Gender: Male, Age: 51

    Smuin, Sarah Hook
    Birth Date: 24 Sep. 1816
    Death Date: 11 Aug. 1877
    Gender: Female Age: 51

Ship: Amazon

      Date of Departure: 4 Jun 1863
      Port of Departure: London, England
      LDS Immigrants: 895
      Church Leader: William Bramall
      Date of Arrival: 18 Jul 1863
      Port of Arrival: New York, New York

Passengers with Smuin Surname:

SMUIN, Matilda, b. 1841, Age:22, Origin: England,
     Occ: Spinster,
     Note: BMR, p.286
SMUIN, Rachel, b. 1844, Age: 19, Origin: England,
     Occ: Spinster

     BMR, Book #1047, pp. 277-316 (FHL #025,691)
     Customs #747 (FHL #175,587)

Other Smuin Immigrations:

Ship: William Tapscott; departure: 1859

    SMUIN, Harriet, b. 1837, Age: 22, Origin: England, Occ: Spinster
             Note: BMR, p. 106.
    SMUIN, James, b. 1838, Age: 21 Origin: England, Occ: Gardener
             Note:BMR, p. 116.

Ship: Manchester; departure: 1861

    SMUIN, Eliza, b. 1840, Age: 21, Origin: England, Occ: Spinster
             Note:BMR, p. 5

Ship: American Congress; departure: 1866

    SMUIN, Thomas H., b. 1826, Age: 40, Origin: England, Occ: Farmer,
               Note: BMR, p.260
    SMUIN, Martha, b. 1849, Age: 17

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