1986 Reunion

1986 Reunion News
Heaps Newsletter #3
Compiled & Written by Rosalind Heaps
June 1986

The last reunion was a big success and this one promises to be too,
 so plan to be there!!!

Saturday, July 26, 1986
Yorba Regional Park
Yorba Linda, California
10:00 A.M. – till dusk
Barbeque & Pot Luck Lunch
Bring Your Own
Meat & Buns
plus Salad or Dessert

$1.00 per car parking fee

Location: Yorba Regional Park – Imperial Highway & LaPalma Ave. in Yorba Linda, CA.

Planned Activities:

  • Horseshoe Tournaments
    Tic Tac Toe Tournaments
    Volleyball, Softball, Football
     (we need balls)
    Lawn Bowling & Bike Trails
    Talent Show (bring talent to show)
    Evening Square Dancing
    Fishing (bring won gear)
    Visiting & Visiting & more Visiting

So, plan to have a good time!!!!!

President              Cliff Heaps
Vice Presidents    Wes “Buddy” Maury
                               Erma Williamson
Secretary              Rosalind Heaps

$ Financial Report $

Sept. Newsletter               $33.92
1986 park fees                   50.00
May newsletter                 36.00
Total Expences               119.92
Total donations to date    58.00
Debt outstanding          
- 61.92

At the 1985 reunion, each family unit was asked to donate $1.00 to help pay the costs of the family newsletters for the 1986 reunion. We have had an unexpected park fee of $50.00 but felt it was worth it because of the shade, tables, barbecues, and park facilities available. Donations have been received ranging from $1.00 to 20.00. All donations have been greatly appreciated. If you have not been able to donate as yet and wish to help out, please send to Cliff or Rosalind Heaps.

Places to Stay

If you need a place to stay when coming from out of town, please make some arrangements from the following:

  • Wes & Mary Lou Maury
    bedrooms & RV parking
  • Erma & Winn Williamson
    bedrooms & living room floor
  • Cliff & Rosalind Heaps
    bedrooms, RV parking, & lots of tent area
  • Note from Webmaster: phone numbers are withheld from website for privacy reasons
  • Marriages

    Russell Karl Thornley to Nancy Ellen Lace on 21 December 1985. He is the son of Mary Lou & Robert Thornley. They are now living in Orem, Utah.

    Kelly Sue Heaps to Michael Morse Anderson II on 19 April 1986. She is the daughter of Ben & Cleone Heaps. Kelly & Michael now live in Provo, Utah.

    Susan Anne Barlow to Philip James Hardy on 22 April 1986, now living in Salt Lake City, Utah. Susan is the daughter of Anne Barlow.

    New Babies

    Chad Robert Thornley born 26 October 1985 to Daniel & Monica Thornley. The proud grandparents are Mary Lou & Robert Thornley of Mesquite, Nevada.

    Richard Hansen Taylor II, born 1 November 1985 to Rick & Carol Taylor of San Diego, California.

    Genevieve Marie Taylor, born in February 1986 to Wayne & Tracy Taylor of Huntington Beach, California. Sis and Larry Taylor are the proud grandparents to these two new Taylor babies.

    Edward Wallace Holmstrom, born 15 February 1986 to Rachel & Mike Holmstrom of Upland, California. This makes the 32nd grandchild for Marie Heaps, widow of Wally, of Alta Loma, California.


    Melanie Sue Williamson, born 3 September 1985, died 4 September 1985. Melanie was the daughter to Ralph & Charleen Williamson, granddaughter of Erma & Winn Williamson. She past away only 9 hours after birth.

    June High School Graduations:

    • Kristi Lee Williamson, daughter of Roger & Lillian Williamson in Las Vegas NV
    • Christina Harnagel, daughter of Sylvia & Gary Harnagel of San Jose, CA
    • Todd Heaps, son of Ben & Cleone Heaps of San Jose, CA
    • Tyler Gessel, son of Anne & Eric Gessel of Idaho Falls, ID

    August BYU Graduation:

    Noel Thornley is expected to graduate this next Aug. from BYU in Human Relations & Management of People.

    News From Linda Stoughton

    Linda Stoughton, daughter of Don Mulliner, is expecting a new baby this next fall and in the meantime is taking voice lessons, loves to decorate and make crafts. Her husband, Bill, works as a Satellite Systems Tech. He paints military miniatures and enjoys reading all kinds of books including church books. Their oldest child, Kerry Lynn (10) is in the 5th grade and has been on the Student Council for the last 2 years in school. Besides being on the student council as school secretary, she is in the school choir and the Primary choir and then helps out the kindergarten area and class. Billy is 5 ½ and in kindergarten and in the children’s choir. He has an interest in Chinese culture and wants very much to see the Great Wall of China. Brandon
     (4 ½) attends a co-op preschool two days a week. He is on the shy side, so he enjoys staying home with mom.

    Eileen & Wade Quigley in the Mission Field

    Letter dated January 1986: We are keeping busy with our missionary work. The Branch here is very small, only 73 members. Wade has just finished organizing a Cub Scout den and a Scout troop of which many of the boys are from the community. The Florida Keys is a change in scenery from their Idaho farm. They live midway in the Keys about 50 miles out in the ocean. The island is about 5 miles long and very beautiful, warm and humid. They get lots of ocean breezes & rain squalls. In November they had to evacuate for 24 hours because of Hurricane Kate. That surely was a different experience, but interesting and awesome to see. Eileen goes on to say that they are looking forward to the next family reunion and sincerely hope that they will be able to attend. Their youngest daughter, Patricia, is expecting a baby near the 10th. Hopefully, they will be able to fit them both in. (We hope you can too!)

    We want to see you all at the reunion! If you are not able to come, please drop us a line so we can put it in the next newsletter!!! We want to hear from you!

    There were so many new addresses that we put together a new address list. Please be sure to send us any address changes or corrections.

    Heaps Newsletter #4
    Compiled & Written by Sue Young
    December 1986


    We wish to give a hand of appreciation to the outgoing officers of our Organization for doing a terrific job of getting us organized. Thanks to Cliff Heaps, President; Wes Maury and Erma Williamson, Vice Presidents; and Rosalind Heaps, Secretary/Treasurer.

    Our new officers are Wes Maury, President; Doris Cowan and Cliff Heaps, Vice Presidents; and the Secretary/Treasurer is Susan Young

    $ Financial Report $

    After finding our Organization in the hole, a plea went out in our June newsletter and again at the reunion for funds. We wish to thank everyone who has contributed to our funds. At the end of July our account amounted to $90.81.

    I have put that amount into an interest-bearing account, so currently we have $91.50. (Of course, we will have a little less after I mail out this newsletter!)

    Address Changes

    Under the descendants of Mary Heaps Mulliner:

    • Steve & Sue Cowan
      Forest Grove, OR 97116
    • Brad & Mary Cowan
      Vista, CA 92084
  • Under the descendants of Paul Avard Heaps:
    • Luana Powell’s address should be 12407
    • Vonita & Dennis Stewart (Luana’s daughter)
      Idaho Falls, ID 83401

    Note from Webmaster: because of privacy, addresses & phone numbers are not included on the Internet even though they are in the original newsletters.

    1986 Reunion Remembered

    July 26, 1986, dawned a beautiful, warm Southern California day. At 10 a.m., 34 adults and 32 kids descended upon Yorba Regional Park for the great 2nd annual Heaps Family Reunion.

    Each one of the 66 people present made it a special occasion. We would also like to give a special thanks to several people. Erma and Rosalind organized the affair. Erma also provided many ceramic items she’d made as prizes for the games. Fred & Doris held a horseshoe tournament and they also organized a square dancing session for everyone. Buddy Maury provided equipment for a bowling game.

    Several families participated by presenting skits, singing, and reading poetry.

    Because there were ample cement slabs all around the tables, many of the kids roller skated their way into a frenzy during the day.

    Thanks to all for making it a great day of friendshiping and feasting!

    Mary Heaps Mulliner Family

    Fred and Doris
    are enjoying their retirement. Recently they traveled with Erma and Winn to Expo’ 86 in their motor home. They spent 4 days in Canada. They also got in a visit to Sue and Steve’s new home in Oregon.

    Stephen, Sue and family have moved to Forest Grove, Oregon. Their oldest child, Crista, had straight A’s on her June report card.

    Brad & Mary and their 5 children are kept busy with many sports activities. Jeremy (8) is working on his Wolf in Cub Scouting. Dustin & Danielle (6) are in the first grade this year.

    Erma and Winn
    spent 2 weeks around Thanksgiving this year in Salt Lake City with Harvey & Pam and family. Erma enjoys her painting and was asked to participate in the Orange County Fair painting show.

    Roger & Lillian live in Nevada with their 3 children. Roger is a data processing manager and enjoys photography and pottery in his spare time. Lillian is working on a real estate career. Their oldest daughter, Kristi (18) is a receptionist and plans to attend school in Florida in January. Lisa (16) is in her high school madrigal group and is also studying piano. David (13) studies karate, is working on Eagle in Scouting, and has a comic book collection of over 360 books.

    The Tim & Jeanne family was given a horse this year that they are real excited about. His name is Magic and the whole family enjoys riding him.

    Helen Heaps Maury Family

    son of Dale and Janny, and Linda Garritson have 7 children. They are both registered nurses and enjoy hiking, and their 2 oldest children are into cross-country running.

    Wally Heaps Family

    works for GTE and is the Membership Clerk in his Ward. He enjoys reading and frequently reads 3 or 4 books in an evening. His wife, Rosalind, is busy in many activities and also went back to college in September. Son Russell is a senior this year and is also on the BSA Staff. David is in 9th grade this year. Roxanne is in 7th grade and enjoys Girl Scouts and MIA activities. Steven is in 5th grade, is active in Webelos program, and enjoys sports. Karlyn is a 3rd grader and a Brownie. Kenneth started kindergarten this year.

    Rachel and Michael Holmstrom
    enjoy working on their genealogy. They have 2 children, Joy and Edward.

    Avard Heaps Family

    Luana Powell
    has 4 children and 3 grandchildren. Her youngest daughter, Tracy, is attending Cerritos Jr. College part-time and working at a savings and loan.

    Nancy Havin
    is Avard and Margaret’s youngest daughter. She has 3 children and 2 grandchildren.

    Lewis Heaps Family

    Lewis & Mary
    are busy with their temple work. Lewis is High Priest Group Leader in his Ward and that is a time consuming position.

    Lewis Jr.
    is a store Assistant Manager and Margaret is an LPN at a care center. Their son, Sam, enjoys milking cows and wants to own a dairy someday. Matthew enjoys football, his car, and doing mechanical work.

    Noel & Eireanne Thornley,
    through Mary Lou and Robert Thornley, are the proud parents of Kaitlin, born July 18, 1986.

    owns a hearing aid store in Provo. His wife, Jody, is an English Debate teacher at American Fork High School. They have 2 children: Melanie (5) and Eric (2).

    With Best Wishes for a Joyous Christmas Season and a Happy New Year

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