1996 Reunion

Saturday, June 29, 1996

Woods Ranch
Cedar City, UT

Dutch Oven Lunch
provided by
Lewis D. & Margaret Heaps,
Sam Heaps
Erma & Winn Williamson

Chicken & potatoes
salad & rolls
cherry & peach cobblers

planned & provided by
the sons of Gary & Karma Mulliner:
Brent, Brack & Todd Mulliner
Frisbee Football & Golf
Horse Shoes

Door Prizes
provided by Margaret Heaps

In Memory

Gary Mulliner

July 8, 1938 - Nov. 15, 1995

Heaps of Reunion History

The first Heaps Family Reunion met on August 10, 1985 at Yorba Regional Park in Yorba Linda, CA. It was organized by Lewis Heaps as acting President and Stephen Cowan as secretary. 71 family members met that day and all agreed to meet again the following year. Elections were held and it was agreed that each family unit would donate $1.00 to offset costs for mailings.

The following July 1986 reunion featured family games, skits, square dancing, roller skating, lawn bowling, and many other activities for both old and young alike. At the family business meeting it was decided to try having the reunions every two years instead of every year; therefore, the next reunion was held June 1988. When that reunion finally rolled around, all agreed that the two years was just too long. Also, it was agreed to try the next one in cedar City, Utah.

We met August 5, 1989 at the beautiful Woods Ranch near Cider City. It was fun to meet with so many of the family members that live in the Rockies. Family histories were shared and presented by Eileen Quigley as well as the visiting, fun, food, and games. It was a great success.

The July 1900 reunion was held at Collins Lake in Northern California. There were several family members that joined us for the first time that year. Along with the normal fun, food, and games, we had access to a canoe and water fun as well as the entertainment of watching the forestry service fight a large fire.

The 1991 - 1995 reunions were all held the last Saturday of June in Yorba Linda, California. It was believed that the stability of the date and place would help family members better plan their vacations so they could attend. However, it is time to visit with our family members in the Rockies; therefore, the 1996 reunion will once again be held at Woods Ranch in Cedar City, Utah.

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