1995 Reunion

Saturday, June 25, 1995
(Last Saturday in June)
10:00 a.m. - sundown
Yorba Regional Park

Heaps of Love * Piles of Food * Talking * Games, Etc.

Be sure to bring
Potluck dish
Utensils - Plates - Drinks

Additional Items to Bring
Lawn Chairs and/or Blankets
Family Group Sheet
Family News

Donít Forget Your Family!!!

Benjamin Franklin Heaps
Family Newsletter
Spring 1995

Reunion News

The 1994 Heaps Family Reunion was held in Southern CA at the Yorba Regional Park June 25, the last Saturday of the month. Although we didnít get an official count, it was well attended, but many were missed.

Mary Lou Maury organized the games this year that involved family members, both old and young alike. We had a great time visiting, eating, playing and sharing family news with one another.

The 1995 Heaps Family Reunion will be held again at the Yroba Regional Park in CA on June 24th starting at 10:00 AM until we call it quits for the night and adjourn until the next year. Bring your own place setting and a dish or two to share. There will be lots of visiting to catch up on as well as the fun and games. We are also in need of your current Family Group Sheet and any family news you have to share. Please bring, or send to Rosalind Heaps, any additions and/or corrections to the family address list.

The 1996 Reunion: To help those that have to travel from the Rockies, we will be having the 1996 Heaps Family Reunion in Cedar City, UT on June 29, the last Saturday of the month. Mark your calendars now and plan on attending.

Merrie Ann Jarvis

Merrie Ann says she is still as ďfat and happy as ever, sitting on top of her mountain.Ē

Marjorie & Dale
Garritson Family

Marjorie has two grandchildren attending Alabama University in Tuscaloosa, AL. They are the son and daughter of Michael & Linda Garritson. Carrie received a full ride scholarship for 6 years, giving her the opportunity to earn both her BA and Masters Degrees. James had already completed two years of college when he received a two year scholarship for his tuition for the next two years. Both were awarded their scholarships for their track and running skills.

Military Service

Steven Heaps, son of Cliff and Roz heaps of the Wally Heaps family, is stationed in Orlando, FL in the Navy. He enlisted for 6 years for their nuclear training program.

Medical News

Jeffery, one of Brad & Mary Cowanís twins, has recently undergone three operations on his arm from a result of a broken arm, staff infection, and other complications. He has had a rough time recuperating. Hope he gets well soon.

Eileen Quigley just recently underwent major heart condition intensive care and is now at home recuperating.

Family History

Claudia Vance, Sue Alder, Trudy Barnes, and Beckie Rhead are working together on correcting and updating the Heaps Family Lines. Please send an updated Family Group Sheet on your family to Claudia Vance . . .There goal is to have the information corrected by the June 1996 reunion that will be held in Cedar City, Utah. Letís give them our full support in this effort and fill out the enclosed Family Group Sheet before the 1995 reunion this June.

Tim & Jeanne
Williamson Family

Timothy Brent and Andrea Williamson were married at the Los Angeles Temple on March 4, 1995 with a reception held in San Bernardino, CA where a small family reunion took place. It was good to see so many family members there.

Kevin Williamson (16) earned the rank of Eagle Scout in Oct. 1994 with a Court of Honor held in his honor in April 1995.

Shirley & Lloyd
Tyler Family

Tim & Joni Tyler have been living near London, England for the last two years. Timís job as Petroleum Engineer with British Petroleum, part of the Standard Oil Productions, transferred the family there. It will be another year before they return to the states.

Claudia Vance

Claudia is catching us up on some old news as well as reporting the arrival of her most recent grandchild. Leeanne and Tom now have 3 children. They youngest, Michael Thomas Hansen, was born the 17th of November 1994.

David and Audra Vance had a son, Tanner, who will be 2 years old this July.

Wes & Mary Lou
Maury Family

Wes & Mary just returned from a fascinating trip to North Carolina and Virginia where they were involved tracing the steps of Matthew F. Maury, a famous ancestor on Wesí fatherís side of the family.

Mardona & Bob Schneider just had a BIG baby boy on New Years Day. they named him Hunter Wolfgane Maury Schneider. Mary reports that by the time he was 3 months old, he weighed over 16 lbs.

Missionary News

David Williamson, son of Roger & Lillian Williamson, will be coming home from his mission in South America on May 21, 1995.

Sterling Barnes, son of Trudy & Gary Barnes of the Shirley & Lloyd Tyler family, is serving in Rosario Argentina.

Michael Gessel, son of Anne Gessel of the Tyler family, is serving in Antofagasta, Chili.

Jeffery Cowan, son of Steve and Sue Cowan, has just left for his mission to Sicily.

Temple News

Shauna & Ron deRobles, daughter of Shirley & Lloyd Tyler, will be sealed in the Salt Lake Temple on May 12, 1995.

Families on the Move

Rick & Carol Taylor will be moving back to California from Washington as soon as they sell the house they built there. 

Anne Barlow, daughter of Wally & Marie Heaps will be moving to Utah from California in July 1995.

Tina & Shad Nelson, daughter of Sylvia & Gary Harnagel of the Wally Heaps family, will be moving from Provo, Utah to Riverside, California in September so that Shad can work on his Masters at UCR.

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