2007 Reunion Photos

Saturday, June 23, 2007
Starting at 10:00 AM
Bi-Centennial Park
660 West 945 North
Cedar City, Utah

        Reunion President:       Richard Heaps
        Vice President:            Brad Cowan
        Secretary:                   Rosalind Heaps 
        Treasure:                    Doris Mulliner Cowan

27 people attended

Richard Heaps,
preparing potatoes
 for Dutch oven

Back: Sam, Theresa &
Margaret Heaps
Front: Richard & Jody Heaps

Dan & Joseph Heaps,
Richard & Jody’s twins

Doris Mulliner Cowan

Erma Mulliner Williamson

Brad Cowan & Joy Monroe
Who is going to get
the best food first?

Jennie Williamson

Kasey Cowan &
Joy Monroe

Kimberly Cowan Mc Claughry
with babies, Caden & Ember

Sam & Theresa Heaps

Jennie & Tim Williamson

Ralph Williamson, Richard Heaps,
& Pam Williamson Kelsey

Elizabeth Mahnken,
Ember Mc Claughry,
& Dallin Mahnken

Margaret Heaps

Rebecca Cowan
In back is
Karlyn Heaps Mahnken
in photo on left

Elizabeth Mahnken,
Ember Mc Claughry,
& Allison Mahnken

Allison Mahnken

Winn Williamson

Left to right
around the table

Brad & Mary Cowan,
Roger Williamson
Pam Williamson Kelsey

Karlyn Heaps Mahnken (standing)

Doris Mulliner Cowan
Tim Williamson
Winn Williamson

The sprinklers were on in the park and made mud on the volleyball court. The little ones had a great time playing in the mud.

Elizabeth Mahnken,
Ember Mc Claughry,
& Dallin Mahnken

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