1993 Reunion

Saturday, 26 June 1993
10:00 A.M. to sundown
Yorba Regional Park

President:   Fred Cowan
Vice President:  Doris Cowan
Secretary:   Rhonda Cowan
Treasurer: Doris Cowan

Minutes of the Business Meeting

Minutes and treasurer’s report read and approved.

Discussion of holding the reunion every year or every other year. Moved. Seconded and voted unanimously to keep it at every year at Yorba Linda Regional Park on the Last Saturday of June.

Election of Officers:

    Nominated and seconded for President - Wes Maury unanimously approved.
    Nominated and seconded for Secretary - Luana Cluff - unanimously approved.
    Unanimously approved to keep Doris Cowan as Treasurer

Discussed about including Grandpa Benjamin’s brother’s families. No motion made.

Heaps of News
Benjamin Franklin Heaps Family Newsletter
April 27, 1993

On the Move

Shirley & Lloyd Tyler purchased a new fifth wheel last year. They’re now seeing the country and their children in style. What Fun! !

Life Changes

Eileen & Wade Quigley have officially declared themselves “Retired Senior Citizens” as of July ‘92. However, Wade is still involved in his “Real Estate” job and their farm as well as having rentals to maintain. A pretty busy retirement, wouldn’t you say?

News of Interest

The entire Gary & Karma Mulliner family are involved in the successful marketing of their new “Chicken” game. Brack & Michelle wrote the rules, Gary did the art work on the packaging, Todd & Tandy invested money and Brenton and Karma are selling it. Good Luck!! Hope it does as well as Trivia Pursuit or the Hula Hoop.

For those who may not have heard, Vaughton Heaps, wife of Albert Delray “Toady” Heaps, died February 11, 1992. Her daughter, Carol, wrote the family secretary aftering receiving last years newsletter. Vaughton was buried in Pocatello, Idaho next to Toady.


Fred & Doris Cowan will celebrate their 50th Anniversary on July 25th, 1993. A half century . . WOW! As they say, “Time flies when you’re having fun”.

Jeff and Angela Cowan (Steve and Sue’s twins) will graduate from high school this June. Congratulations you two. they will both be attending Ricks College in Idaho.

Keeping it Interesting

This year let’s have a table of “Show and Tell” for those who have a special talent in arts, crafts, sewing, collectibles, etc. Bring samples to show and share your accomplishments with all of us.

Here’s a fun, “perpetual” idea for all to get involved in. A “Heaps Family Book of Favorite Recipes and Handy Hints”. Bring favorite recipes and/or household hints to the reunion; include it’s origin and a brief story if appropriate. Also, bring your clever ideas for a cover design. We’ll chose one at the reunion. Rhonda Cowan will compile everything on computer. Copies will be mailed out along with the next newsletter. Each year we’ll add to it, as a family documentary for future generations.

Any changes of address or notes of special interest for the newsletter, please drop a post card to the family secretary.

The balance in our Family Reunion Fund is $406.25 as of 4/26/93. Details will be made available at the reunion.

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