2006 Newsletter

2006 Benjamin Franklin Heaps
Family Reunion Newsletter

The following information is from the family information forms that were individually filled out at the reunion.

Family News:

Wesley “Buddy” & Mary Lou Maury, son of Helen Heaps Maury, Wes is a Radiation Safety Officer and enjoys playing golf.


 Dale & Marjorie Maury Garritson, daughter of Helen Heaps Maury, raises and shows dogs. Their grown children are Michael Garritson, Laurie Garritson, Allison & John Stein, and Guy & Lorena Garritson.



Russell & Debora Heaps, son of Cliff & Rosalind heaps is in communications and sound with IBEW Local 440 Union and runs a “Mr. Fix It” side job business on the side. Debbie is Director of Programs at the Riverside Area Rape Crisis Center. Between the two of them, they have eight children and six grandchildren. Russell’s son, Sam, lives in the state of Washington. Russ & Debbie’s daughter is Jessica is now 4 years old and just completed kindergarten. Debbie’s three youngest, Joylynn (16), Jason & Joseph Monroe live at home. Her three oldest are all married and are raising the next generation. Jon & Briana Monroe have one son, Janell and Daren Salmon have two sons and a daughter, and Joanna and Kirk Salmon have a son and daughter. Sisters, Janell and Joanna married the Salmon brothers making it lots of fun at family get-togethers.

David Heaps, son of Cliff & Rosalind Heaps, is in telecommunications and enjoys camping, hiking & water sports. He has a daughter, Beth who lives in Iowa and a son, Eric in California.


Larry & Roxanne Heaps Case, daughter of Cliff & Rosalind Heaps: Roxanne has just earning her teaching credential for elementary education and upper grad English. Larry is still working as a Design Engineer at 4-Flight Industries designing airplane seats. Their family has been doing Tae Kwon Do for a year now. Larry is a Senior Blue belt, Roxanne and daughter, Makiyla (9) are on their green belt and Dawn (7) is at the senior orange belt level.

Doris Cowan is the daughter of Mary & Victor Mulliner. She and Fred, deceased, had four children, Sandra & Bob Perkins, Rhonda Cowan, Steve & Sue Cowan, and Brad & Mary Cowan. Doris says she used to be a bookkeeper and is now a money wrangler. She enjoys dancing and bowling.


   Sandy Perkins, daughter of Doris & Fred Cowan, is an accountant and bookkeeper. She also helps Rhonda run
   their Costume and Party Boutique. Sandy enjoys deep sea fishing and cooking.



Rhonda Cowan, daughter of Doris & Fred Cowan, owns a costume shop and works seven days a week. She says that she has forgotten what her hobbies were by now, but enjoys traveling, music, reading and her cats. When asked about a spouse or children, her reply is “no thank you”.


 Jeremy S. Cowan, son of Brad & Mary Cowan, says he is a Real Estate Development Consultant in the San Diego area of California. He says that this affords him the time to spend long weekends playing with his boys, Carson and Austin, and the time to support his surfing habit. It also feeds his “ego advocating for development projects during televised hearings”. His business is now crossing the state lines as he is now taking on projects into Arizona.


 Melvin and Tamra Heaps traveled the farthest for the reunion this year from Harrisville, Utah. Melvin is the son of Paul Avard & Anna Margaret Heaps. Melvin is now retired from the LDS Church Employment as Manager of the Bishop’s Storehouse. As a collector of many things, his favorite is collecting ivory. He also has a special toy, a restored 1955 Chevy which he loves driving around town when it is not too hot or too cold as it has no air conditioning for the summer and it slips on the ice in the winter. Three of their children: Todd, Kevin, and Stacie live in southern California making it easier to attend a Heaps reunion when held here. Their son, Lance lives in Ogden Utah.


 Todd Heaps, son of Melvin and Tamra Heaps, is a Facilities Supervisor and enjoys fresh water boating and jet skiing. He has three children: Justine, Kaelee, and Jorie Heaps.



 Kevin and Nicole Heaps, son of Melvin and Tamra Heaps, is a Heavy Equipment Dispatcher and human resources. Interests include poker, official basketball and travel.


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