2007 Newsletter

2007 Benjamin Franklin Heaps
Family Reunion Newsletter

Family News:

Tim & Jeannie Williamson !  (Grandson of Victor and Mary Heaps Mulliner, son of Winn and Erma Mulliner Williamson) are living in Riverside, California. Tim works as a General Contractor. His hobbies include working with wood and he as made wooden rocking horses, swing sets, Noahís Arch and a childís three sided art easel. How lucky his grandchildren are!


Wes & Mary Lou Maury (son of Helen Heaps Maury) live in Hacienda Heights. Wes says he is currently working as a Radiation Safety Officer. He really enjoys a good game of golf and plays as often as possible. When not golfing, you will most likely find him working in the yard, a pastime he enjoys, but the task is never completed. Both Mary Lou and Wes are volunteers at the Homestead Museum. Mary Lou is a part-time travel agent and loves to travel as often as she can. She also manages her churchís gift shop. Their grandson, Hunter is into soccer and on occasions even plays golf with Wes. Their daughter, Mardona works for an escrow company and loves antiques and traveling. Mary Lou and Wes spend as much time with Mardona and Hunter as possible. They love taking Hunter on vacation with them every year to visit the places they took Mardona to when she was his age. Wes and Mary Lou spend the majority of their time and energy with family activities.


Brian & Jaimee (Heaps) Wadman (Granddaughter of Lewis and Mary Heaps, daughter of Ben and Cleone Heaps).  I'm 29 years old, I've been married for 8 years to a wonderful man, Brian Wadman.  We live in Antelope, California (a suburb of Sacramento).  We have three children: Brianna who is 6, James who is 4, and Sophie who is almost a year old!


I enjoy staying home with the kids and running a little craft business on the side.  Brian works for AT&T as an ENOC Technician.  He has been working for AT&T for over 10 years now, in this department for over 2 years.  In his spare time, besides parenting, he helps with my craft business, and really enjoys golfing.  Brianna just finished kindergarten.  She loves to read and sing and dance.  James is actually turning 4 at the end of this month and is very excited to start Preschool in the Fall.  His middle name is Lewis, named after his Great Grandpa Heaps, and he is 100% heaps boy-hot temper, really soft heart. And finally, our sweet Sophie, was born July 5, 2006.  She is such a good baby and has grown so fast.  We have a busy house, trying to keep up with everything that everyone is doing and keeping busy in our church callings with the LDS church.  We are so grateful to be apart of the Heaps family.  Heaps of Love!


The Steve Cowan family is expanding--rapidly!  (Grandson of Victor and Mary Heaps Mulliner, son of Fred and Doris Mulliner Cowan)

  • On June 30th (right after the reunion) Angela is getting married to ďRobĒ Robert Findeisen of Pleasant Grove. Angie is teaching elementary school in Orem.  Rob is a Marine who just returned from Iraq to his base in Yuma, Arizona. Photo of Rob and Angela on right.  
  • July 14th we add a daughter to the family since Angela's twin brother, Jeff, is marrying Teri Weaver here in Oregon (that's right, 2 weddings, 2 weeks apart, 2 states).  Jeff is a Captain in the Air Force, currently in Kuwait City but coming home (we hope) in time for the wedding.  Teri is a Major in the Air Force stationed at NATO.  They will both have assignments in Germany after the wedding.  
  • And...Adam, our youngest, and his wife Shelly, who live in Sunset, Utah, just announced that our 3rd grandchild is on the way.  Adam is finishing up the last couple of classes for his degree at Weber State.  Shelly is a pharmaceutical tech when she's not chasing our grandsons, Corbin (almost 3) and Gabe (2 in Oct) around. 

While our numbers are expanding, some of our children are expanding their circles of influence....

  • Cameron has just accepted a position in Sydney, Australia and will leave right after the second wedding.  He works for Omniture in Orem, but will be spending his working hours "down under" and in Hong Kong for the next ??? years.  
  • Crista, the oldest, continues to work for My Family.com / Ancestry.com .  She travels a lot, both in the U.S. and around the world, with her position. She just returned from the National Genealogy Convention in Virginia and is already making plans to go over to China once all this wedding fun is over.  She will just be going on a business trip though and will return to her home in Pleasant Grove. She has a genealogy and family heritage business of her own, Leave A Legacy, as well, so she stays busy, busy.  On top of all that, Crista teaches Institute 2 nights a week at BYU.  

Steve is the Director of Administration for Standare TV & Appliance in Portland.  Sue teaches English and Speech & Debate at the local high school.  Both of us co-coach the high school speech and debate team (this is our 11th year of coaching), which along with our church activity keeps us busy on the weekends and helps us not to miss our children and grandchildren quite so much (well, we still miss them just as much, we just don't have as much time to think about it since we are trying to teach and watch over 15 teenagers during any and all of our spare time from Sep to May). 

Well, you asked for family news...there you have it... The Steve Cowan clan's update.   We'll see you at the reunion, or at least some of us will, (some will be moving to Germany, packing for Australia, finalizing wedding plans, or working so they can get off for the weddings).      


Russ (Rusty) and Nancy Thornley (grandson of Lewis & Mary Heaps, son of Bob and Mary Lou Heaps Thornley) live in Orem, Utah. Russ has worked at NuSkin Enterprises for about 10 years, mostly as the IT Process Architect, and for the past year also as the Information Security Officer. He completed his Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology at BYU in 2005, and also teaches part time in the Technology Management Department at Utah Valley State College (Utah Valley University in 2008). He also serves as the President of the Northern Utah Chapter of the Project Management Institute, and is a certified Project Management Professional. In his free time he plays golf badly, enjoys watching BYU Football, and is a recovering amateur philosopher. Nancy is a certified Accounts Payable Manager and works as an Accountant in the Office of Information Technology at BYU. She has worked in various businesses and accounting offices at BYU for about 10 years. In her spare time she trains, shows, lure-courses, and breeds Basenji dogs (the "barkless" dogs from Africa).

Russ and Nancy have six beautiful daughters: Kristi is working on a business degree at Dixie State College and plans to attend law school; Brenna is attending UVSC studying English Literature and aspires to be an editor/publisher of children's/teen literature; Anna is attending the Utah Academy of Sciences studying pre-med, plans to go to medical school to become a neonatologist, and is trying to make a comeback as a soccer goal-keeper for Mountain View High School after a stress-fracture injury in her lower back; Ellie and Karli (the "Twinners") will be attending 8th grade next school year and enjoy singing, drama, dog-showing, and too many other interests to mention here; Ruby will be in 4th grade next school year, excels in classical ballet and jazz dance, and enjoys golfing with her dad. "Heaps of Love" from, Russ, Nancy and the girls.


Gary and Sylvia Heaps Harnagel (daughter of Wally & Marie Heaps): After living in San Jose for over 25 years, Gary and Sylvia Heaps Harnagel have moved to Ft. Collins, Colorado and have already experienced two back to back blizzards this last Christmas and New Years. These snow storms were some of the worst in the record books.  Of course now there is a bad heat wave.  In spite of all of that, they are enjoying living there.  Daughter, Rebecca and family live two blocks away and that increases the fun by quite a bit.


Margaret D. Heaps (widow of Lewis D. Heaps, daughter-in-law of Lewis & Mary Heaps) says she is still driving the school bus in Hurricane, Utah for another two years before she retires. Thankfully, itís air conditioned. She looks forward to having her grandson visit a couple of times each year.


Ralph Williamson (Grandson of Victor and Mary Heaps Mulliner, son of Winn and Erma Mulliner Williamson) is living in Fullerton, California. His wife, Charlene, passed away last December. Ralph says a couple of his kids have moved back home. He works as a telecom tech and enjoys R. C. Aircraft and scuba diving.


Brad and Mary Cowan (Grandson of Victor and Mary Heaps Mulliner, son of Fred and Doris Mulliner Cowan) are still maintaining a very busy family life. Their son Scott will be returning home on the 14th of September after serving two years in the Belo Horizonte East Mission, Brazil. Their daughter, Danielle will be getting married to Michael Mendoza on the 22nd of September, 2007. Their son, Dustin is currently serving in the Army in Bagdad. Their daughter, Kimberly enjoys staying home with her two little children, Ember, 3 and Caden, 1. Jeremy graduated this last May from the University of San Diego with a MBA. Kasey will be a senior in high school this next year. He is looking forward to defending the title he earned last year as 7th in the California State Wrestling Championship. Rebecca will be turning 16 in September and attending her junior year in high school. She enjoys singing in choir and assisting with her brotherís wrestling team. Brad and Mary keep busy with all the kids activities and events and Mary is serving in the Young Womenís program at church. When she finds some down time, she loves crafting and taking care of the grandkids.


Cliff and Rosalind Heaps (son of Wally and Marie Heaps). Cliff retired from the phone company several years ago and has been using his time puttering around the yard, reading a couple of books each day, and keeping our half-acre mowed. After 50 years of smoking, he quit July 2006 but now has emphysema and is on oxygen all the time. His health is good otherwise. Roz has worked two days a week in the family history center for the last several years and published a monthly family history newsletter that is sent out by email to over 200 people across the nation. Several of her family history articles have been republished by several genealogical societies and the LDS Trumpet that serves Southern California. Starting this next September, she will be teaching early morning seminary to high school seniors and will most likely not have the time to volunteer in the family history center any longer. Our kids and grandkids are over often and keep the guest rooms in use throughout the year with their sleep-overs at grandmaís house.

Mission News:

Pam Kelsey (Granddaughter of Victor and Mary Heaps Mulliner, daughter of Winn and Erma Mulliner Williamson) has just completed a 20 month mission at the family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. She says the experience was incredible. Following her mission, she has moved to Hurricane, Utah to live closer to her daughters and their families, Angie & Jason Lingwall and Carrie & Darrin Cline. Living in Hurricane has also made it so she can visit with her parents, Erma & Winn Williamson in Cedar City more often.


60th Anniversary Announcement:

Wade & Eileen Quigley (daughter of Eva Heaps Blackmer) is celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary and Wadeís 80th birthday on Friday, July 6th at the Buhl 3rd Ward in Buhl, Idaho. They were married the 26th of August, 1947. Congratulations!


More Wedding Announcements:

Carson Barlow & Cynthia Ruth Beus were married March 2007 in the Jordan River Temple, Utah. Carson is the youngest son of Anne Barlow, grandson of Wally & Marie Heaps. They are making their home in Salt Lake City. Photo of couple on right.



Kacey Anita Barlow & David Horton were married in the fall 2006 in South Jordan, Utah. Kacey is the youngest daughter of Anne Barlow, granddaughter of Wally & Marie Heaps. They are making their home in South Jordan.

Derrick Calvin Gerlach & Jennipearl "Jenni" George were married on 28 March 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Derrick is the son of Terry and Donna Heaps Bridston and grandson of Wally and Marie Heaps.

Sharese Lorene Quigley & Jordan Andrew Clark were married in 2006. Sharese is the granddaughter of Wade and Eileen Quigley.

Birth Announcements
From the:
Mary Heaps & Victor Mulliner line:

Caden Michael McClaughry, son of Chris & Kimberly Cowan McClaughry was born in 2006. Cadenís brother, Ember Reigh Mc Claughry, it two years older. Cadenís maternal grandparents are Brad and Mary Cowan and great-grandparents are Doris and Fred Mulliner.

Eva Heaps & Lee Blackmer line:

Tessa Renee Barnes, daughter of Sterling & Melinda Barnes, was born 13 July 2006 in Provo, Utah. Tessaís older sisters are Abby and Sydnee. Their paternal grandparents are Gary and Trudy Tyler Barnes, great-grandparents are Lloyd & Shirley Freeman-Blackmer Tyler

Mia Meenae Waldron & Eva Elizabeth Waldron, twin daughters of Tamra Lynne (Barnes) Waldron & Casey Waldron, were born 15 Feb 2006 in American Fork, Utah. Their brother Maxwell is only 1 Ĺ years older than they are. Their maternal grandparents are Gary and Trudy Tyler Barnes, great-grandparents are Lloyd & Shirley Freeman-Blackmer Tyler

Jack Robert Fehrenbacher, son of Dawn Michelle (Hoel) & Kurt Fehrenbacher, is the first baby in his family, born in 2006. Jack is the grandson of Mary Beth (Tyler) Hoel & Joe Hoel, great-grandson of Lloyd & Shirley Freeman-Blackmer Tyler

Caleb John Miller is the first baby for Brad & Cristi (Tyler) Miller and was born in 2007. His grandparents are Timothy & Margaret Tyler and his great-grandparents are Lloyd & Shirley Freeman-Blackmer Tyler

Wally & Marie Heaps line:

Emmerson Bain, son of Jennifer & David Bain was born April 2006 in Washington. Emmersonís older brothers are Ayden & Tharen Bain. Emmersonís proud grandparents are Terry and Donna Heaps Bridston and great-grandparents, Wally and Marie Heaps.

Nathan James Thomas, son of Krista and David Thomas was born in Pomona, California on 8 May 2007. He joins the family with Hannah and Sam as his older siblings. Nathan is also the grandson of Terry and Donna Heaps Bridston and great-grandson of Wally and Marie Heaps.

Max Charles Lough celebrated his first birthday last September at his home in Upland, California with his parents Dan & Linda Barlow Lough and his older sister, Marly. Maxís grandmother is Anne Heaps Barlow, Wally & Marieís oldest.


Lewis & Mary Heaps line:

Adam Benjamin Heaps, son of Brad & Juliann Heaps was born February 2006 and lives in Roseville California. Adamís big sister and brother are Laura and John. They are the grandchildren of Ben & Cleone Heaps and great-grand children of Lewis and Mary Heaps.

Sophie Wadman, was born July 5, 2006 to the parents of Brian & Jaimee (Heaps) Wadman and the grandparents of Ben & Cleone Heaps. She joins an older sister and brother, Brianna and James and lives in Antelope, California near Sacramento.


Lucie Belle Thornley was born 26 June 2007 at 7 lbs, 6 ozs., 18 inches long. She is the fifth in the family of Aaron and Julie Thornley with her siblings Tess, Libby, Bailey, and Dawson helping to take care of her. Lucieís grandparents are Bob and Sally Thornley. Her grandmother, Mary Lou Heaps Thornley, daughter of Lewis and Mary Heaps, passed away in 1990. The family lives in Bluffdale, Utah.


Jack Richard Nelson, born 15 March 2007 in Winchester, Virginia to the parents of Andy and Melanie Heaps Nelson. Jackís brother, Luke, is two years older. His proud grandparents are Richard & Jody Heaps.



Charlene Williamson, wife of Ralph Williamson, passed away 9 Dec. 2006 after a long battle with cancer. Charlene was born in Los Angeles County, California and died at the age of 57. Ralph and Charlene lived in Fullerton, California and are the parents of Michael, Matthew, and Natalie Williamson. Their baby daughter, Melanie died the day after her birth in September 1985.

Shauna Rae Tyler, daughter of Lloyd & Shirley Freeman-Blackmer Tyler, died in 2007 after being quite ill for some time.



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