1988 Reunion

Yorba Regional Park
Yorba Linda, California
Last Saturday in June 1988

President: Wes “Buddy” Maury
Vice Presidents: Doris Cowan & Cliff Heaps
Secretary/Treasure: Susan Young

Reunion Attendance
33 adults
14 children

Heaps Newsletter #5
Compiled & Written by Sue Young
February 1988

Happy 1988

Greetings for all from your family newsletter. We hope all of you had a joyous Christmas holiday.

We are taking a quick survey regarding the upcoming ’88 Reunion. We would like to change the Reunion to June this year. If this causes any problems for you, let Wes Maury know by March 1. Depending on the pros and cons a decision will be made. So watch for a “where and when” notice in the spring.

$ Money Talk $

Prior to last newsletter mailing we had $91.50 in our account. Stamps and envelopes for the last newsletter were $18, for a balance of $73.50. Adding the interest earned on the account, our total now stands at $78.42.

Gold for Lewis & Mary

November 20, 1987, our family patriarch and his wife celebrated their 50th Anniversary. They were planning on spending some time with their children in American Fork, Utah. However Lewis had to stay in bed with pneumonia so they weren’t able to travel to be with their children.

Lewis and Mary spend several days a week at the Oakland Temple.

Happy belated anniversary to you both!!!

Moving Around

Please make the following address changes on your list under the descendants of: Mary Heaps Mulliner –

  • Gary & Karma Mulliner
    Murray, UT 84123

Helen M. H. Maury

  • Laurie Garritson
    East Boothbay, Maine 04544

Wallace D. Heaps

  • Sharon & Bryan Smith
    Sacramento, CA 95823
  • Susan & Phil Hardy
    Salt Lake City, UT 84121
  • Mary & Greg Ridler
    Logan, UT 84321

Note from Webmaster: because of privacy, addresses are not included on the Internet even though they are in the original newsletters.

Habitation Fabrication

Marrie Ann Jarvis is currently drawing up blueprints for a home in Poway, California. She has run into a few problems with roads and sewers and wells, but nothing she can’t conquer.

Erma & Winn Williamson were planning a ground breaking in Cedar City, Utah. I guess that’s literal as the ground froze before they could get the foundation poured. Now they have to wait for the spring thaw before they can begin construction.

Cowan Kith and Kin

Doris & Fred traveled to Oregon this summer to be with Steve & Sue & family. Their grandson Jeff turned 12 and was ordained a Deacon in the Priesthood. While there, Doris and Fred journeyed to several of the scenic spots between Oregon and home.

Sue Cowan teaches a Seminary class on weekday mornings.

Steve & Sue’s son Jeff will be off crutches soon from an injury in a soccer game. Daughter, Angie broke her arm a few months back from falling out of a walnut tree in their yard.

Young and Old Youngs

Susan Young, daughter of Rachel Rowe, seems to keep busy enough to stay out of trouble. I find writing this occasional newsletter is quite challenging. I am currently working as a secretary at California State University Northridge. I have four assignments at Church, the most demanding of which is being the Laurel Advisor in the Young Women’s organization.

Son Thayne, nearly 16, is in the tenth grade at a local private school. He enjoys Varsity Scout activities and skateboarding.

Daughter Rachel recently turn 12 and is now in the Young Women program at Church. She recently received her Gospel in Action pendant for achieving certain goals this past year.

The Maine Event

Several months ago the family received a note from Laurie Garritson, daughter of Janny & Dale, through Helen Heaps Maury.

She has moved to Maine and continues to cut hair and is trying to make a success of a small mail-order business. The card she sent to us in one of her collection, and it is a beautiful photo. She enjoys taking pictures for her cards and calendars.

Family Entrepreneurs

Along with Laurie Garritson’s mail-order business, we have several other business organizers in our family.

Marrie Ann Jarvis has organized a program to help people with their financial needs.

Tim Williamson has quit his job as stake custodial supervisor. He now has a business making fancy, special-order doors.

Sisters Rhonda Cowan and Sandra Perkins have a genesis gift shop business. They have had a booth at a local swap meet for several months now. Currently this venture is a hobby, but they’re hoping to make it a full-time concern.

Good luck to all.


Please remember to let Wes Maury know if June IS NOT okay with your family for our next Reunion. We need to know by March 1st so arrangements can be made.

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???, Claudia Vance, Mary Lou & Wes Maury

Merrie Ann Jarvis, Elieen Blackmer Quigley,
Virginia “Sis” Jarvis Tyler

Left: Brad Cowan, Doris Cowan, Rhonda Cowan
Right: Sandy, Pam or Erma, Jeremy Cowan
Standing: Lewis Heaps Sr.

Gary Mulliner, Cliff Heaps, Gerald Cluff,
Anne Barlow, Fred Cowan

Marjorie “Janny” & Dale Garritson

Guy Garritson,
Fritz & Allison (Garritson) Stein

Shirley Blackmer Tyler