1990 Reunion

Collins Lake
Oregon House, Northern California
Saturday, 7 July 1990
10:00 a.m. - sundown

Potluck lunch of favorite main dish, salad, and dessert to share. also, be sure to bring your own plates, flatware, cups, and beverages for your family. There are no heating or electrical facilities. For your added comfort you may wish to bring lawn chairs and/or blankets. If you have any games that the children and/or adults might enjoy, bring them along too.

President: Lewis Delbert Heaps, Sr.
Vice President: Ben Heaps
Secretary/Treasure: Doris Cowan

Heaps Newsletter #6
June 1990

Our Appreciation

A special thanks to the past officers of the Heaps Family Reunion Organization from 7 July 1988 to 5 August 1990: Lewis Delbert Heaps Jr. for a great job as President, Claudia Vance for Vice-president so very well and to Sue Young for continuing as Secretary/Treasurer. Some of Sue’s excellent ideas and formats where were so beautiful planned and executed are incorporated in this newsletter thanks for the help Sue.

The president officers are Lewis Delbert Heaps Sr. as President, Ben Heaps as Vice-president, and Secretary/Treasure Doris Cowan.


Steve Cowan is doing part time consulting as he studies for his Masters in Business administration.

About the Ills

Lewis Heaps Sr. spent 3 days in the hospital near the end of May. He’s doing better now. Mary is in at the present. She had a heart attack June 24th and was put into intensive care for several days. She was released about a week later and then back in a few days later. She is due to be released on Monday, June 11th. Get well and stay well you two.

Eileen Quigley is laid up with a foot broken in three places. Take care Eileen and mend quickly…


Carrie Kelsey (Pam & Harvey’s daughter, granddaughter of Erma & Winn) in on her mission in the Philippines for 2 years.

Shirley and Lloyd Tyler are serving a year mission in the Texas, Fort Worth mission area. They are all enjoying the experience. Good luck.

Moving Upward

Crista Cowan, daughter of Steve & Sue, graduated from high school in Yakima, Washington on June 1st. She will start college at Ricks in Idaho on June 11th. Congrats Crisy, hope the part time job there turns out to be awesome…

David Williamson, son of Roger & Lillian, graduated from his Las Vegas High School on June 6th. Good luck at college and keep singing wherever you are.

Timothy Brent Williamson, son of Tim & Jeanne, will graduate from high school in Riverside, California on June 20th. Good going Brent.

♥ Two Become One ♥

Janice Mulliner, daughter of Gary & Karma, was married April 21st at the Los Angeles Temple to Douglas De Tavis. Their lovely reception was held pool side at Doug’s mother’s home in Yorba Linda, California. We wish the best of everything to you two.

Anne Heaps Barlow, daughter of Wally & Marie Heaps, was married to Francis Fowler at the Los Angeles Temple on Tuesday April 24th. Sometime have Anne tell you the interesting facts about this wedding. One is all eleven of Anne’s natural children were at the festivities plus several spouses and grandchildren. Anne and Fran, we wish you much happiness.

Gina Rae Heaps, daughter of Ben & Cleone, will be married on June 5th in the Salt Lake Temple to Eric Lars Olson. Have a great life together.

Heaps of News

Wally & Marie posterity:

Anne Heaps Barlow Fowler has 11 natural and 3 adopted children. She attends Chaffey College and an art school in Ontario, California.

  • Joni has 2 boys and 2 girls, attends Chaffey and is going for a teaching degree.
  • Jane has 2 boys and works at a dental office
  • Wanda lives in Florida
  • Holly has 2 girls and works in San Francisco
  • Sharon has a new baby girl
  • Burton lives in Seattle, Washington
  • Susan has 2 boys and works at Nordstrom’s Department Store
  • Mary is a Grocery Clerk and is expecting
  • Jon works in an office at a service station in Salt Lake City
  • Linda attends Chaffey and works part-time at Stater Bros. Grocery Store
  • Robert lives with an uncle in Pocatello, Idaho. He works 2 jobs and does home study as a sophomore.
  • Matthew is in 7th grade, a Boy Scout, and enjoys woodworking
  • Kacey is in 4th grade and loves the piano
  • Carson is a 2nd grader and an inventer
  • Cliff & Rosalind Heaps: Cliff is still at GTE and the financial clerk in their ward. Roz is a senior at Cal Poly University in Pomona, ward Campcraft Director, and Junior Girl Scout Leader.
    • Russell works for Automatic Electric
    • David is a senior in high school and works at Carl Jr.
    • Roxanne is a sophomore and works at Steer & Stein Restaurant and is saving for a trip to Russia in 1991
    • Steven is in junior high, 8th grade, and enjoys Scouting and basket ball
    • Karlyn is in 6th grade, a Girl Scout, and plays the sax
    • Kenneth is a 3rd grader and Cub Scout
  • Sylvia Heaps Harnagel and her husband, Gary, spent 9 days in Spain last winter and visited their daughter, Tina.
    • Tina spent 5 months in Spain attending school
    • Kathy won a scholarship to BYU and is engaged
    • Rick is a Senior, will be attending Ricks College
    • Becky is a freshman, plays piano, and soccer
    • John is in 6th grade, plays soccer & working toward his Star Rank in Scouting
    • Terri is a 4th grader, plays soccer, piano, and is taking dance lessons
  • Donna Heaps Gerlach, works and is remodeling her home
    • Krista is in 9th grade and her passion is Phantom of the Opera
    • Jennifer is a 5th grader and won the Young Author Award
    • Derrick is a 3 grader and a great skateboarder
    • Kirt is in 1st grade and does his best to be Derrick’s shadow
  • Rachel Heaps Holmstorm, & husband, Mike: Rachel cares for their two children, Joy and Edward, while Mike works at General Dynamics

    $ Money Matters $

    As of the last reunion in Utah:

    8/5/89         Balance                               128.94
    8/5/89         Reunion Donations                 60.00
                       Interest to date                      10.62
    3/8/90         35 postcards                        -  5.25
    3/8/90         Camp Reservation Fee        - 20.00
    5/24/90      Newsletter stamps              - 17.00
                       Balance                               $157.31

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