1997 Reunion

August 2nd and 3rd, 1997
Cedar City, Utah
Woods Ranch

President: Todd Mulliner
Vice President: Sam Heaps
Treasure: Doris Cowan
Historian: Claudia Vance

Newsletter following the reunion:

Re: 97 Family Reunion

Dear Families;

The Heaps family reunion was held once again in Cedar city, Ut. at Woods Ranch, it was a very pleasant day for all that attended, the numbers were few, most likely due to the late date, also medical reasons for some. We hope that the Cowans & Williamsons are doing better.

After a very pleasant meal, which was provided by Karma Mulliner and her family, together with those bringing dishes, there was no one left hungry. There was plenty of getting reacquainted and getting up to date on the latest going on. We then had the family meeting, the meeting went as follows:

The meeting was called to order by Lewis D. Heaps Jr. as per Todd Mulliner. The first order of business was to make sure the reunion will be held on the last Saturday of June of each year, this next year will be June 28, 1998. Make sure this date is put on your calendar. This will still be potluck but bring your own drinks, eating utensils. The family talked about where to have the next reunion. Many suggested California or Utah.

Claudia Vance said a few words on the family tree she has been working on. Presently she has this drawn on butcher paper as a rough draft. It will be put on canvas after all the information is correct. Claudia requests that we fill out the enclosed information sheet as soon as we can and mail it back to her. Mail to Claudia Vance @ (address and phone are left out for security reasons)

 Please be sure to send your $5.00 to Doris Cowan for the family dues to help with postage, etc. Mail to Doris Cowan, (address is left out for security reasons)

Shirley Tyler brought up an important point, that we need to remember our past family members that are deceased and those things that make our families great.

The last order of business was the election of officers:

        President: Sam Heaps
        Vice President: Wesley Maury
        Secretary: Margaret Heaps
        Treasure: Doris Cowan
        Historian: Claudia Vance

During the meeting it was decided that the newsletters be sent to the head of the families. Each head of the family will send it on to their children. This will help save on postage.

We also would like to have your input on where we should have the reunion next year, Southern California or Southern Utah. We would like to have your input sent back by Dec. 1, 1997 so that there can be a count and park reservations made. A rough estimation on the number of people that might be coming from your family. Also was would like to have any family news that you might want to share. Please send these to Margaret Heaps at (address and phone are left out for security reasons)


                Margaret Heaps
                Sam Heaps
                Wesley Maury

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